Roddy Ricch “Feed Tha Streets 3” Review



On December 17, 2021, Compton’s own Roddy Ricch released his sophomore studio album, LIVE LIFE FAST. Although it dropped shortly after the two-year anniversary of his lauded 2019 debut, LLF wasn’t able to connect with many listeners in the same way that Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial did. Blame it on the lack of a worthy “The Box” successor,” or blame it on the execution of the album’s theme. Regardless of which issue you deem paramount, the lackluster fan reception to LLF dominated Hip-Hop discourse for months following its release. Since then, Roddy Ricch has been on a year-long mission to remind fans of his musical capabilities. As a result, the Grammy-winning artist is already back with a new project, less than a full year removed from LLF.

Roddy Ricch’s latest effort — titled Feed Tha Streets 3 — is the third installment of his fan-favorite mixtape series and his first new addition to the series since 2018. Interestingly enough, Roddy originally teased it as the highly anticipated follow-up to PEMFBA at the beginning of 2021. As fate would have it, fans received LLF first. Now, Feed Tha Streets 3 has become positioned as somewhat of a comeback project for the 24-year-old artist. Although it boasts 15 songs on its tracklist, Roddy’s latest release clocks in at a runtime of under 39 minutes. FTS3’s length makes for a surprisingly quick listen, and it also gives the project a more upbeat, mixtape feel. That being said, the manner in which you weigh albums versus mixtapes will affect how you feel about Feed That Streets 3.

As an album, Roddy’s latest release is arguably less energetic, interesting, and cohesive than his sophomore effort. When considering it as a mixtape, however, FTS3 is actually pretty impressive.

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