Review: Untrapped: The Story Of Lil Baby



Review: Untrapped: The Story Of Lil Baby

Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby is a documentary about how the Atlanta rapper built his rap career and the things he went through while building it. He went from being a prominent name in the Atlanta streets to the Atlanta music scene. For Lil Baby, his connections to the Atlanta figures like Young Thug, Gunna and Coach K of Quality Control all had a role in taking his name to where it is today. His documentary chronicles his journey through behind-the-scenes footage spanning from his childhood to visiting his neighborhood after making it to the night he performed at the GRAMMYs.

Lil Baby’s documentary is built around how other people supported him and their roles in his journey. Young Thug and Quality Control founders Coach K and P talk about how they believed in him as a rapper and as a person. Journalist Charles Holmes talked about how his background contrasted with Lil Baby in every way but they still had an excellent interview. Drake talked about how he is one of the biggest voices of the current generation of rap. Additionally, his Mom talked about how she always knew he was different from his peers. Everyone around him was rooting for him and that pushed him to bigger and bigger opportunities and experiences.

Lil Baby’s Atlanta Connections Started His Rap Career

In Untrapped: The Lil Baby Story, we learn something surprising about the Atlanta rapper: he didn’t really want to be a rapper. He had an established name in the streets and with that came a reputation. Lil Baby was confident people already knew who he was and respected him. Also, He also knew the money he was making in the streets was quick and did not require the work that being a rapper did. Fellow Atlanta rapper Young Thug wanted him off the streets and would literally pay him to stay off of them. He saw Lil Baby’s talent and wanted to steer him towards that more. However, Lil Baby was more concerned with his reputation and thought it would be tarnished if he left the streets to pursue rap.

Lil Baby regularly visited Quality Control, a prominent rap label in Atlanta. He enjoyed just hanging out there and knew the people there well. Founders Coach K and P saw something special in Lil Baby and wanted to give him a better path. They saw the fact he had a reputation in the streets was the reason he should pursue the rap career. People would already know his name and be interested and invested in the music he was making. Coach K and P told him once he got out of jail he could sign to Quality Control and that’s exactly what he did.

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