Paradame – Wave


Paradame – Wave

Yes we are back with new msuc and we have to say #barsmatter on this one.  Now Paradame is doing her thing with this one.  In a day and age of mumble rappers its crazy how the females in the industry have more bars than most men.  Artist like Remy and Cardi and now Paradame.  Say what you want but this chick but her bars to match her looks.  For this song we give it a grade of a solid (B) but for the lyrics (B+).  We hope that Paradame will be back with us to release new music and who knows maybe we can get an interview going!



Seattle singer-rapper Paradame has an alluring way about her, with music that deviates from the commercial sounds of the genres it bridges while still remaining accessible. As both a solo artist and one-half of the experimental hip hop group Active I , Paradame has been busy paving her own lane as an artist since her debut on Audiodose Records in 2011. Her blending of dark electronica and R&B laced with smooth but fiery vocals has continued to acuminate throughout the course of releasing two solo albums, in addition to two albums with Active I, and over 20 guest features on various mixtapes and EPs. Paradame’s songwriting skill and live performances display an unmistakable uniqueness and attitude, coupled perfectly by producer J.Lee Mezus’ bass-heavy rhythms, which have been hailed by industry critics and fans alike. Altogether, her sound heavily rooted in hip hop, draws from various influences, fusing elements of dark wave, R&B, soul, and punk rock. With an energy often laced with darkness, yet wielding a message of light, she’s earned the meaning of her name – the paradoxical dame.

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