Whit3 Boy – Priority [Preview]


Whit3 Boy – Priority [Teaser]

WHIT3 BOY drops a new album so we decided to take a few songs and let you know what we think of them.

New music is here and we love it.  Now you already know that we becoming the #1 source for hiphop and RnB.  Now we have had the chance to get our hands on the album Priority and we have to say it is a great album to listen to.  Whit3 Boy dropped this album on the 3rd and already has a good buzz.  The album Priority is packed with 10 tracks which makes it pretty lengthy and great for a long ride.  I can honestly say that we love the whole album.  In an era of mumble rap Whit3 Boy makes sure to drop an album jammed packed with great lyrics.  This album is perfect for the younger crowd such as the high schoolers and college kids.  So lets get into it.

808’s// This is the 2nd song  and is our favorite track on the album.  The beat is really nice and the hook is something that will stay in your mind.  It is said that this song might make it on the radio station Ny2Laradio.

Wack Rap II // This song is about what we hate…mumble rappers and wack artist.  These rappers are going to ruin our hiphop and this song addresses it.

End// This is another great track and ranks second best on the album to us.  The beat is sick and the flow that Whit3 Boy has on this track is amazing.






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