SoSo Ish – Smoke Session [Mixtape] Short Version


Smoke Session [Mixtape] Short Version

Looks like new music is here and yes we have music from SoSo Ish.  It also looks like we will try to get him on the radio over at Ny2LaRadio.  A few of his singles seems to be hitting the charts hard.  Now our favorite song is Benjamins.  The beat is fire and his flow on this track is pretty good.  The complete album is 8 tracks long and defiantly should be added to your playlist on SoundCloud.  As for now we brought you the shortened version that feautures 5 songs that we really like.  SoSo Ish is a good rapper for the new generation.  The way he flows and what he chooses to rap about is what the high schoolers and college students live.  We also have to point out She Right which is a very well put together song.  No mumble rap here,  just a song about love and being happy.  The slow tempo beat makes it a perfect song to reflect too.  Overall we give Smoke Session a (B) rating.  More on SoSo Ish below.


Booking Email: StraightOuttaIshgmail.com
Booking Number: 407-792-5904
SoSo Ish “Where I put my Lighter At Entertainment?”
Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, moved to Orlando, Fl at the age 11
started rapping at the age of 15, quit rapping at the age of 18 to become a Dj.
But was reborn to become the greatest rapper alive in orlando at the age of 19.
“I did not make music to amuse or hype people up, I make music so my friends and I to listen
to when we smoke lol if you listen to my music too, you better be smoking that good ish.
DF I need a Bio 4?

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