PunisherSOUND – Be Alright [+2 Bonus Tracks]


 PunisherSOUND from the 6ix Side

What can I say but that we are in CANADA  with new music.  It is also said that our magazine and energy drink will be available in Toronto and Vancouver late this year/early next year.  Today we are happy to bring you new music from PunisherSOUND.  You guessed it PunisherSOUND is from the 6ix the same place as one of our key founders.  So when it comes to music from the TDOT he always makes sure we do our best.  To top it off we will try to have our very own DJ contact PunisherSOUND for an interview that will be aired on Ny2Laraio.  If that happens we will be sure to bring it to you hear first.  Leading into the music, PunisherSOUND has a large catalog and we have a few tracks that our staff loved.  TURNT UP is a song that we all like not to mention the beat is fire.  The best part of the song to us is definitely the chorus.  Very catchy and the flow to the tempo is perfect.   Be Alright and SMASHED are also great and by far to us SMASHED is that heat we all think will go a long way!! Both the beat and flow are fire!!!  A little more info /// Harjeet Singh Pabla aka. PunisherSOUND is a recording artist, engineer, and producer based out of Toronto, ON Canada.The inspiration for his unique blend of sound comes from genres as diverse as hip-hop, trap, reggae, and electro; echoing the work of influential talents such as Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Timbaland and Swizzbeats, just to mention a few. The strength of PunisherSOUND’s vision is the way the energy of the sound combines with the thought-provoking lyricism, bridging the gaps between the warmth of the golden age and the impact of modern production aesthetics.

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