Nevuh – inspirationfromsomewhere // Mini EP


How good is Nevuh really?

Yes, we have more music and we love it.  This time around this mini EP comes from Nevuh.  The actual EP is 6 songs long, however, we selected the top 3 that our staff loves the most.  With that being said let’s take a look at Nevuh and his music.  With already 10k plays and counting Nevuh is doing his thing.  He is no stranger to making music that matters.  In an era of mumble rappers, he shows that he is nothing like the rest.  #Barsmatter here and so does substance.  It even looks as if we may try to get an interview with him that will air on SNVLIFERADIO.  Now if that happens we will be the first ones to bring it to you.  Overal we give Nevuh and his whole EP inspirationfromsomewhere a solid B and hope that he will be back with more music.  Below is that whole EP via soundcloud.  So let us know what you think.

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