G.H.S – “1997”


G.H.S may be the hottest young artist on the east coast ?

New music alert from G.H.S. and it is fire!! Yes, he is located on the east side so you know that we are trying to get an interview with him as soon as possible so if that happens it will be aired on NY2LARADIO.  That station is a new station with a huge upside.  Even though they are new to the scene the number of listeners is crazy.   Who knows maybe we could even try to sponsor G.H.S. since we feel he is the next generation of music.  Now let’s get into the music.  “1997” has a few tracks and the only bad side is that it is too short.  G.H.S.  has bars for days and man we could listen to him all day.  He is not part of the mumble rapper wave and we love the fact that he is very lyrical.  To tell you the truth it is really hard to tell you which song are the best because honestly, we love them all.  If I had to rate it I would say : (1) “1997 Freestyle” (2) “Raised Me” feat..Reese Rell (3) “Gotta Hustle” feat. County Lid (4) “The Coupe” (5) “Look At Me Now”.  We will have to break down these songs one by one on the radio.

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