Chris Ellenwood – Panic Room [EP]


Looks like new music is finally here from Chris Ellenwood.  Now Chris Ellenwood is no stranger to SNVLIFE since he has been on a few times.  Today we are going to talk about his latest Ep Panic Room.  This is a small EP with only 5 songs however if you are a fan of Chris you would like this EP.  It opens up with what we think is the best song called 100 White Caps.  It has a dark and weary beat but his flow is perfect on the track.  Coming in a little over 3minutes long this is a perfect track to chill to. The EP is mainly a chill type of EP and meant for the fans that love to think.  Chris Ellenwood is a good rapper and what we like most about him is that fact every song has a purpose.  Hosanna and Poseidon  are at the core of the album and keeps the theme going.  Sandlot is another good track that will keep your attention.  We had to play that song a few times to find out if he is really talking about a female.  Now the last song is Stuck and on this track Chris Ellenwood  has an E-40 type of flow.  If you are an E-40 fan we definitely recommend that you add this one to your playlist.  Overall we give Chris Ellenwood  EP Panic Room a solid (B) and know we will hear more form him soon.

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