The Band of the Hawk – Dunno Wut To Believe In


The Band of the Hawk Drops New Single

Now when it comes to the music of today a lot of people say that it is not as good as the music back in the day.  Some people believe that we live in the mumble rap era and even though that might be true there is still lots of good music going around.  Case and point The Band of the Hawk who has been dropping hit after hit with meaning.  Yes, it is true that most artist at the top simply talk about sex, murder, and drugs, however, The Band of the Hawk has substance with their music. If you are looking for that trap music these are not the guys for you.  If you want substance with your music you are in the right place. Now, these guys always give it their all on every track.  Dunno Wut To Believe In is exactly what you think it is about …. not knowing what to believe in.  Touching on subjects such as freedom and Trump these guys go deep with conscious rap.  We can say they are “WOKE” AF.  Listen to the song and let us know what you think.  STAY WOKE


Dunno Wut To Believe In

Dunno Wut To Believe In

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