Alyssa Colon – Im Gucci


New York swag from Alyssa Colon

Yes, we are back at it again with more music than ever and now we have to keep up with all the hot artist coming out of NY.  With that being said you already know that the younger generation is on the come up.  Todays hiphop artist like to talk about the mumble rap but the younger generation can spit.  Not only that but the females of today has it going on.  Now Alyssa Colon is a younger female from the NY and we have to say we are feeling her.  With being so young there is still lots of room to grow and her song Im Gucci is already buzzing.  It is said that our very own DJ Altra will try to get an interview with her later this week.  So if that happens you already know that we will bring it here to you first.  Now getting into the song the bars are tight and so is the beat.  The chorus is very catchy and is something this younger MC will have the older heads singing over and over again.  Overal we give the single Im Gucci a solid B and hope that she will be back with new music.  As always let us know what you think of this single by contacting us.


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