AfterPxrty – A Million Questions


AfterPxrty – A Million Questions

AfterPxrty is back with more music and we have his latest track A Million Questions and it is Dope!

You already know that we always have the heat and we are becoming a leading source in hiphop.  From forming our very own freshman class it looks as if AfterPxrty is already nominated and we hope he drops more music. As for now AfterPxrty  dropped his newest song titled: A Million Questions .  Now this song is very nice and should be added to your playlist on all platforms.  With the being said lets break it down:


The hook is very catchy and easily remembered which will make it a very popular song.  Once again he uses his lyrical skill and perfect bars.  #BARSMATTER on the hook!


Now when it comes to the #barsmatter you already know that Ny2LaRadio hooked us up. They liked the first verse better than the second but overall they both were nice.

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