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Audrey Vandergraph is the 5 year old daughter of Billionaire Douglas Vandergraph. She runs operations at AudreysArtwork.com and is one of the youngest Senior Executives in the United States. Audrey just completed Kindergarten in 2 months and is now in the first grade. Audrey does not hand select all of the art she sells, but does pick the collections from the vendors she agrees to work with. Not your typical 5 year old, Audrey’s multi-million dollar online business provides her with big challenges. Audrey is a giving person who is always concerned about the individual. Audrey is a quick study in the business world, constantly prodding her successful father for feedback on her next moves. Audrey carries forth the Vandergraph family brand by putting employees needs first. Audrey says,”My family treats its people with kindness and respect. This creates an environment for happy customer interaction.” Big statement from such a little cutie.