Hailing from Seattle, WA, SaeMonae is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to her blend of hip-hop.

Currently, SaeMonae is sitting atop the CMJ Hip Hop charts with the #6 record in the country for her efforts on ASHES the CHOSEN’s mixtape A.S.H.E.S: The First Call. After being voted in by fans as an official performer at this year’s A3C Music Festival & Conference, SaeMonae is preparing to drop her debut studio EP Dirty PolitiKKKs this coming winter.

Her music is all about connecting with listeners through gritty and organic production aesthetics, as well as thought-provoking lyricism. Her flow falls somewhere in between the wit of Kendrick Lamar and the old school punch of artists such as A Tribe Called Quest. Her socially conscious lyrical style is also a big part of SaeMonae’s “raptivist” attitude, as she deals with deep personal and social issues within her songs.