Forgiato Blow

Now you already know that we are striving to bring you whats hot in the hiphop scene.  With that being said Forgiato Blow could be the next best thing.  Forgiato Blow has been doing this for some time and has a very strong fan base.  With close friends such as ol school rapper Vanilla Ice and Paul Wall, Forgiato Blow already shows his sense to network and create a buzz.  Some of his popular songs are  Vanilla Sprite , Wat Dey Know Bout Me and Too Late. As you can see Forgiato Blow has built a solid music catalogue.  Born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Florida, Blow is the true definition of a grinder. Known as a hustler since he was a kid, Blow attended community college in Gainesville, Florida played basketball, and dabbled in being a barber until he realized his passion was music. Blow was signed to Miami-based Independently Major Entertainment (IME), a label owned by NFL star Thomas Jones. The young rapper’s current singles include the strip club anthem “Tony the Tiger” and the Billboard-charting “All I Do Is Ball” featuring French Montana, as well as “Ain’t Me” and “Neighborhood Superstar”. Rapping comes natural to Blow, as his lyrics are genuine, and he lives the life he raps about. He has proven throughout his life that he can make one dollar look like a million bucks.