From being born from the vibrant atmosphere, picturesque medieval streets, lively squares, beautiful boulevards of Belgium, Brussels to being raised in North Carolina’s largest metropolitan area, U. S. second largest banking center, Charlotte, North Carolina.  The first born of four from Democratic Republic of Congo’s (Formally Zaire) political refugee parents, DONGALA has become a talented underground musical artist destine to shine.  Always a lover of music as a child listening to the radio, imitating artist in their music videos, and a heavy viewer of movies like Krush Groove, Beat Street, Breakin’, etc. It wasn’'t until his teenage years DONGALA saw and heard for the first time Raekwon’s featuring Ghostface Killah “Can It Be So Simple” video which sparked something inside the young boy to become not just an observer of music, but to become an artist and performer. Already someone who had a poetic touch from writing poems here and there, he then started working on his art of poetry in motion by putting his poems to music.  Now hanging out more with a group of friends who had the same musical drive, he started going to different music studios recording music.  Also having the chance to open up for artist like Nelly, Mr. Cheeks, Ludacris, Dem Franchise Boyz, and Trillville.  Going through ups and downs of recording music, and trying to make it, he then picked up a passion of learning the business behind the music.  He went to college for Business and Communication, and picked up an internship in the promotion department at a local radio station.  When his internship was done he got the opportunity to become a manager assistant for a local artist who was sign to Asylum Records. After a year the artist got dropped from the label due to personal reasons.  DONGALA felt like it was time for him to get back more to his music with the new knowledge that he picked up from his internship and his work he did as a manager assistant.