DJ Supe

DJ Supe embodies the feeling of modern urban sounds fused with the music theory that drove The Golden Era of Hip-Hop.

“I love weird sounds…but I also love harmony.”

Traveling inside and outside the United States has created a dynamic performer. Always a student, Supe constantly looks for new ways to intrigue his fans and himself.

“DJs are people watchers. If my people are not happy, I am not happy. So I smash them over the head…yeah…some people like pain.”

His experience as a radio personality, music producer, and concert DJ are vantage points.
Originally from Sacramento California, Supe works out of his own studio, The Safe Room Studios, producing for many artists and actively performs on many stages.

“The studio is my home away from home. I can manufacture my own original ideas that are untainted by pop culture expectations…and I don’t care if you don’t like!”

Twtter/IG/Snap: @djsupe