Albee Al has a new hit already, despite the fact its just premiering now. For the past several weeks, a plethora of DJ’s, taste-makers, and radio personalities have been spinning his newest record “Pay Me Up Front“. Major outlets such as Hot 97.1 and Power 105.1 have been giving fans a sneak peak prior to today as well.

“Pay Me Up Front” is an extremely club-friendly record that can truly captivate the attention of any crowd or listener. DJ’s such as Funk Flex, Drewski, and DJ Self have been spinning the money-motivating anthem repeatedly, and now fans can listen to the official audio in its entirety,

Albee’s aggressive delivery compliments the strong production beautifully. The Jersey City MC implements an extremely catchy hook, proving once again he has what it takes to be a consistent hit-maker in this competitive industry. “Pay Me Up Front” is now on various streaming services such as Apple MusicSpotify and more. Check it out on SoundCloud below as well!