New Music from Bizza Caviar

Bizza Caviar Makes a New Wave of Music

Now we normally post hiphop be we had to sneak this one in here from Bizza Caviar.  This is a little different than what most of us are used to.  It seems like a mix of EDM and hiphop.  With this style of music, it seems as if Bizza is in his own lane.  That is what we like to see from upcoming artist.  Now this song is something that you might hear in the gym while working out.  It is very mellow and has a great relaxing feel to it.  What is next from Bizza Caviar, we don’t know however we feel that he is just getting started.  This song also has an 80’s feel.  So if you are older than 30 this might sound familiar.  Overal we like what Bizza Caviar is doing and hope that he continues to make music.  Who knows with more time he might crush this and create something new and exciting.

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