Foreplay – Ryzard [Spotify]

Ryzard drops some new music that will have you loving him

More music is here and you know that we always have that heat.  Now Ryzard is not a stranger to SNVLIFE and has been here a few times.  He has the whole office waiting for his project.  Now it is finally here!  Ryzard just released his album that is now on Spotify titled “Foreplay“.  This album is on the short side but it is packed with hits!  From Touchdown (which is our favorite) to Down to Ride   will have you in the zone.  Whatelse can we say about this album besides it is fire.  Overall we give Foreplay a rating of an A.  The best part is that he will also release new visuals to go along with his songs.  Below is the album (via Spotify) so let us know what you think:

Foreplay - Ryzard

Foreplay – Ryzard

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