Back at it once again and we are glad to have Knowitall back with us.  Now the last time he was with us he dropped some heat that had everyone in the office wanting more.  It turns out that he is back with more music.  What we like about Knowitall is the fact that he is very consistent and knows how and when to put more music out.  His fans are demanding more music and he is giving us what we want.  Not to mention that later this month we will be working on our playlist and Knowitall may be featured.  Getting into the track “END BOSS” the beginning is crazy and when the beat drops it is 100.  This is a track that sends a message and we need that in today’s hiphop.  With sublimable rhymes, he is schooling the listeners one by one.  We recommend that you play this track a few times to really get what he is saying because you might not catch it the first time.  Overall we give this track a B  and thank Knowitall for staying true to hip-hop and blessing us with true lyrics.  Below is the track so let us know what you think:


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