Looks like AL Blaze is Making Some Noise


Yes thank you AL Blaze for dropping more music that we love.  What stands out about AL BLAZE is that he is very professional and takes his craft seriously.  When I say that this guy is what most rap artist need to be like I mean it.  Todays hiphop is filled with meaningless rap and a bunch of messages that mean nothing.  That is where AL BLAZE separates himself from others.  When he puts out a song he does it well and puts everything behind it.  If it came down to just personality I would have to say he should be signed ASAP.  We love what he brings to the table and hope he brings more music to SNVLIFE.  With all that being said he latest single WHO GOT THAT WORK is picking up lots of buzz.  It also looks like it will be a single for @thevixenmagazine for workout vids plus more.  Below is the track and we have to say we love it.  It scores a (B+) with us and is a song to add to your playlist.

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