D.A Live Music Review and Latest EP Autumn’s Bogart

D.A Live drops some new music on Snvlife

Lets get it!! Now D.A Live is new to this site be he has blessed us with some of his latest music.  Now you already know that we have lots of music and we are becoming a leading source in the hiphop scene.  With that responsibility, we have to make sure that we give you whats hot in the culture.  Today we are talking about the latest project Autumn’s Bogart.  Now Autumn’s Bogart is on both major platforms iTunes and Spotify.  Even though the EP is on the short side with 6 tracks, all the songs you should enjoy listening to.

“…I have to say that YES is my favorite song EP.. I played that song like 10x”-Dj Altra

Now if DJ Altra likes that song,  you know that it has to be hard.  A few other tracks that stand out on the EP are “Knuckles” and “So I“. If you like the chill type of hiphop then D.A Live may have what you need.  With that being said I have to say overall this is a good EP and earns a solid B rating.  It is sure worth a listen and below we have the complete EP via Spotify.


D.A Live

D.A Live

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