New Music “I Like It” By 4-TRAY

“I Like It” seems to be picking up steam

by: James Write

Yes new music is here and we have to say we like it. The song  I Like It seems to really be catching on with various crowds.  We played it for a few high schoolers as well as college students and they loved it.  Getting right into the song, I have to say that I love the beat it is very mellow and has a 90s vibe.  The strings on the beat is perfect and sets the tempo.  Now the flow 4-Tray has is very west coast and we love that.  The bars and flow is something all true hiphop fans will like.  I feel that if you play the song one time it doesn’t give it justice however the more you hear it, makes you love it more and more.  I would love to hear more form 4-Tray and looks like we might try to get an interview for our radio station.  So if that happens we will be sure to bring it to you here first.  Overal we give the song “I like it” a solid B and who knows maybe this song will make our playlist at the end of the month.  Below is the song so let us know what you think:

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