Bianca Clarke drops her single I’m Wit It

Bianca Clarke latest single “I’m Wit It”

Back to the music and we have to say that we have a great one here.  Now this song is titled I’m Wit It and the visuals are crazy nice not to mention the song is very catchy.  With that being said let’s take a look at the artist that dropped this track.  Labeled the queen of the south Bianca Clarke has no problem being in the spotlight.  Her YouTube channel is packed with videos which show she is very consistent with her music.  As for the bars and lyrics well lets say she has that on lock.  In a day and age of mumble rap somehow the females of this era are all more lyrical than their male counterpart.  Below is her latest project “Queen of tha South” and we have to say it is worth a listen, packed with 12 tracks Bianca Clarke does not disappoint.


Bianca Clarke

Bianca Clarke

Alabama Rapper Singer/Songwriter Bianca Clarke stakes claim at the throne on her sophomore release “Queen of tha South”. Bianca opens the project setting the “Standard” extremely high for her competition. Her confident tone and straightforward approach is undeniably capturing.
Packaged with standout production top to bottom and sprinkled with stellar guest appearances from Dollah Dae ,Spank Lee & Lil Boone. How can you argue with a Passionate co-sign from the legendary Trina solidifying Bianca’s self-proclaimed royal residency in hip hop. QOTS definitely has potential to be among the album of the year conversations.



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