ReUp843 is making some major moves

ReUp843 is making some major moves

When you think about the current state of hiphop what do you think of?  Most people think about the number of mumble rappers that are currently in the game, but what would you say if I told you that the game is filled with many great artists?  Now on that list is ReUp843.  Looks like his military background helped him with his music due to the fact that he is very well put together.  In a day and age where everyone wants to become a rapper, ReUp843 took time to master his craft to become a true leader of the culture.  The interview went down between ReUp and DJ altra and I have to say it is packed with lots of content.  So much content that we are going to break it down into pieces before we give you the whole thing.  Now being from the south Reup843 defiantly has a great flow and knows how to use his lyrical content.

We can only hope to see and listen to more of his music.  By the looks of it, it is also said that he will be on future radio shows with us so if that happens we will be sure that we give it to you here first.  As for a little background on him .. Born Maurice McLellan July 27, 1987. “ReUp843” is my stage name and stem from being in the military but it is a sense of me being military minded with plans to never be relaxed or get complacent in the things I continuously pursue. Born in Marion, SC but raised in Dillon, SC. I began writing and rapping music when I was 13 years old and began taking my craft seriously when I was 17 years of age. I love music no matter the genre. I solely believe in bringing hip hop back to the way it was back in the day but put a little twist of now of day generation to it will help create the best music our time has ever seen. I am currently an Active Duty Soldier in the Armyand I have been in the military for 10 plus years. My son is my world and is a splitting image of me. Hip Hop has always been my passion, but be paid for something I love to do is a dream swiftly becoming a reality.

Overal we give Reup843 a solid grade of a (B) and wish him the best.  He definitely has a bright future and if he could stay consistent with dropping these hits he is sure to make the playlist of many listeners especially on Spotify.

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