Shifty Eyes Drops Beast

Looking into Shifty Eyes

New music is here and it looks like Shifty Eyes has bars.  Now he is not your typical rapper but when it comes to the music I believe that he has skills.  You won’t be disappointed listening to his music.  He is really unique in that fact he does not copy anyone and has his own style.  Being unique in this industry is very important and easy to sell.  Looking deeper into his song Beast we come to the conclusion that this song is fire.  The production of the video is crisp and the visuals are perfect.  The best part is the fact that he has a F**king tiger in the video !! lol.  But on a serious note, we love what he brings to the culture and looking forward to more music and hope that we can score an interview with him on our radio station SNVLIFERADIO.  

Now overall we give Shifty Eyes and his video Beast a rating of an A. More info /// Shifty Eyes is an International Hip Hop artist from Alberta, Canada. After years of refining his craft touring with numerous artist and recording in well-known studios all across North America. Shifty’s built a powerful arsenal of sound and is quickly becoming a household name in his region. From the struggles of the street to the hustle of the corporate music industry, Shifty Eyes has emerged as an experienced, professional and extremely talented performing/recording artist.

Web- http://www.iamshiftyeyes.com/
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/shifty_eyes/
Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/shifty-eyes-1

Shifty Eyes

Shifty Eyes


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