Next RnB artist that could blow!

Young Suavé seems to be taking over.

Is it me or less and less RnB is being played on the radio?  Well if you need a fix with great vocals and swag look no further than Young Suave.  Not only does he have the looks, he definitely has the vocals.  Already with 2 songs that have 10k plays on youtube, we think that he is well on his way to becoming a household name.  It is even said that we will put in rotation 2 of his tracks on our RadioStation SNVLIFERADIO

We expect that none other than DJ Altra to conduct this interview.  Now, lets take a deeper look into Young Suave and his music.  With over 9 visuals on his youtube account, we know that he is very well put together.  Also, all of his music videos receive an A+ when it comes to production.  One thing that we like about him is the fact that his style is his.  He is not jacking someone else’ style and passing it over for his own.  Being original is a great thing.  Below are two videos that we think you will like, so let us know what you think.

Little more Info//

Young Suavé is a singer and songwriter born in the southern state of Louisiana, but grew up in Las Vegas, NV. Young Suavé has charm and charisma that attracts the ladies of all ages and demographics. With a distinct sound and unique pitch, he is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

His current single “Jump On It” is starting to garner attention nationwide. Young Suavé has all the tools to be one of the top next wave R&B artists.

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Young Suavé

Young Suavé

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