Military Honor Drops New Single – Swallow My Pride

Swallow My Pride


More music once again and this time around we have none other than Military Honor.  Now his single is all over the internet on all major platforms.  Even on soundcloud, he has over a hundred thousand plays.  One this is for sure is that Military Honor has a very large fan base.  You could tell that his fans go where ever they need to for him.  With that being said let’s get into his music.  Military Honor latest single is Swallow My Pride.  The beat is fire and the flow on the track is amazing from all the artist.  J Lue is another artist that is featured on this track and adds a great personal touch.  Next, we have to talk about the chorus and it is very smooth and something easy to remember.  Overal we give Military Honor and his single a grade of a (B) and hope that he will be back with us to drop new music!

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