15 years ago, Nike officially started its skateboarding shoe division, Nike SB. And in those early years, Nike SB released some of the most coveted sneakers of all time. These included kicks like the Supreme Dunk Low and High, Unkles and of course, The Staple Pigeon.

Recently, some rumors have been flying around about the Nike Dunk Low SB Pigeon that started one of biggest sneaker riots of all time in 2005. Sneaker sites have reported rumors of a second Nike SB Pigeon dropping this year for the 15th anniversary of Nike SB. Although there was little evidence to support this, last night, famed skateboarder Eric Koston came out on Instagram to play a round of golf rocking what appears to be all black Nike SB Pigeon Dunk Lows.

And it seems that the shoe’s designer, Jeff Staple, is also hinting that the new Pigeons will be in all black after posting the following photo on Instagram.

It seems that 2017 will be the year that this historic sneaker gets to see the light of day once again. Staple’s collaboration with Nike SB was so hyped that sneakerheads lined up in front of Staple’s Reed Space boutique in Lower Manhattan nearly four days prior to the shoe’s drop. Staple or Nike didn’t even reveal what the shoe looked like until the day of the release.

The OG teaser for the Pigeon SB

They hype snowballed on day of release and turned a sneaker drop into complete mayhem. Schemers were posted up around Allen St. with weapons like knives and baseball bats ready to jump someone for these rare kicks. The NYPD was sent out for crowd control. Staple said to protect lucky customers who got one of 30 Pigeon SBs Reed Space was selling that day, he sent them to the back of the store and straight into taxi cabs. When the story hit the local papers the next day, the Nike Pigeons became apart of sneaker history and marked a turning point in how sneakers were perceived by the mainstream.

Hopefully with this second release, we won’t be seeing any kids get knifed over a Nike SB. Although these styles of shoes may be out of fashion with the rise of adidas Boosts and Yeezys, there are definitely going to be some sneakerheads that are ready to line up for these kicks all over again.

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