She just can’t take this lying, cheating man anymore

Rasheeda did not work this long and this hard to be treated like trash by anyone, and that includes her husband Kirk Frost. After nineteen years of marriage and two children together, Rasheeda has decreed that she is separated from Kirk. We couldn’t be happier for the boss lady as she sets out on a new chapter of life.

Credit: VH1

Despite not having the evidence, Rasheeda had enough of Kirk’s lies. Rasheeda went over to Dish Nationto talk to Rickey Smiley and Porsha Williams about what’s going on in her household right now. She said, “We’re separated, and we’re working on making sure that we’re doing everything that we need to do for our family.” Kirk and Rasheeda share 16-year-old Ky and four-year-old Karter.

When asked if anything was going well between them, Rasheeda took the high road and said, “We are parenting very well. We have good communication. We’re two people trying to figure out the best thing to do for our children.”

Don’t Go There

Things took a turn in the interview when Rickey dared to ask Rasheeda about if Kirk actually did take the paternity test or not. The scorned wife only made an off-putting noise and shot him a look to end that line of questioning. So he changed the subject and asked her what’s next for her, wondering if she would consider dating Lil Scrappy. She said, “Who?! No, not at all. I’m not interested in anything like that. I’m just focusing on expanding my business, and growing, and just being the best mom I can be.” She did say that she wouldn’t be opposed to getting a guy for a “tune up.”

Porsha exclaimed that she loves watching Rasheeda on LHHATL, saying, “I think you bring a very grounded presence to the group.” We also hope to see more of Rasheeda on the show as she possibly goes through a divorce and tries to raise her teen and small child on her own. You know she’s got a lot to say about Kirk possibly raising his other child with Jasmine too.

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