Interview with AfterPxrty

Whats going on everyone ! You already know that we always have that heat and this time around our very own Dj Altra from Ny2Laradio had a chance to sit down and talk to AfterPxrty.  Now the interview will be placed on the radio later this week but we have the full interview here and how it went down!

AfterPxrty a Producer/ Artist from Grand Rapids, MI U.S.A. He has many influences from A tribe called quest, Jay Z, Nas and Wu tang. He has charted on the iTunes Charts in 16 different countries. After his project “May the Saints Say Amen” that released last April he decided to get back to work and create a 6 track LP named after an exclusive yacht club in his hometown called ” East Grand Rapids Yacht Club” with much success and a growing buzz he decided to start his own label Global Money Group LLC and is looking to build a prominent hip hop empire for the culture. With a fresh start his label has already had 8 solid releases receiving attention from all over the world and growing success with each release. With distributing acts from New York, New Jersey, Ohio, U.K, Canada, Australia and Sweden he’s looking to make his mark all over and live his global vision.


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