Avery Lr Drops Color Of Skin Single

Avery Lr

Avery Lr Drops Color Of Skin Single

New music alert!  Now you already know that we are the newest source of hiphop and RnB.  With that being said we stay on top of the music.  So we have to make sure you know about  Avery Lr and his very meaningful song.  The song titled Color Of Skin seems to be very timely due to the recent acts that has happened in Charlottesville this past weekend.  Hearing music like this is a great thing because it makes us know that artist are out here promoting knowledge to their fellow listeners and not the same old “Trap” style music.  In the song Avery Lr expresses his views which makes it a must listen to type of song.  In the day and age of mumble rap Avery Lr comes through and drops some bars on us.  The song is below so take a listen and make sure to add this to your Soundcloud:




In a world ravaged by racism and ignorance, ‘Color of Skin’ is Avery’s plea for truth and understanding.

“For a little over six years, Maryland-to-Utah artist Avery LR has been putting in the efforts required to make timeless art; art in the form of music.”- Bluntiq

I.M.P. Music PR announced the release of ‘Color of Skin’, the newest release from talented underground rapper Avery LR. Loyal fans who have been waiting patiently since the release of his twenty-seven track mixtape ‘Surviving’ will finally get to hear this hyped-up release. His hard-hitting flow is reinforced by the solid drum track, while contrasting beautifully with the ethereal synths in the background.

Avery LR has been a mainstay of the underground hip-hop scene since his debut just over six years ago. Drawing on his experience growing up surrounded by crime and violence, where he learned the world is a harsher place than one would like to admit, Avery LR has been in a unique situation to write lyrics that both touch and entertain. His newest single, dealing with discrimination, is a testament to this- excellent beats, deep lyrics, and slick production have made this a standout track of the year.

His talent is not only limited to reflective rhymes about life’s reality, as he certainly showed the world that he knows his way around a banger. The third track on his mixtape ‘Surviving’, a remix of Remy Ma and Fat Joe’s ‘All The Way Up’ made a splash in the hip-hop world and further legitimised Avery LR’s reputation as one of the most talented underground artists on the scene. Critics went wild for this remix: “As far as remixes go, Avery LR absolutely kills ‘All The Way Up’ rapping with finesse that would make Remy Ma proud.” (Tune Collective), as did bloggers: “Surviving is a solid trap project.” (The Urban Twist).

Avery LR’s life experience has given him an unlimited fountain of inspiration on which to build on his already impressive foundation. The Huffington Post described his life as “anything but placid, customary and reassuring”, which are reflected in his “raw and edgy” music that details struggles that he has experienced himself, but which are relatable on some level to everyone.

Be on the lookout for Avery Lr in the future, as he is constantly working on new material, has immediate plans to tour and release more videos to his ever growing library that already exists.

For more information on Avery LR visit his FACEBOOK or listen on SOUNDCLOUD

For press inquiries regarding Avery LR, please contact James Moore at James@IndependentMusicPromotions.com

Avery Lr

Avery Lr



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