Interview with Han Sino and Dj Altra + New Music

Now we are known to be all over the world and we love it that up coming poet and artist Han Sino decided to join us on our radio station.  Now DJ Altra and Han Sino spoke about how music is viewed in France and what makes him different form other artist.  Looks like a few of our magazines will be in a few stores over in France and will shoot some over to Han Sino himself.  His music is buzzing and he is gaining some fans over here in the states. Below is the interview so let us know what you think about it and how it went down.

Han Sino is a musical creation and spoken word artist. His very personal musical style reflects his musical tastes, which are very opened and varied.
His texts are rather poetic and often ambiguous and metaphoric. He tends to direct his musical style to a dreamlike and colorful trip hop and nu jazz

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