We Rate Two of Lady Rayne Tracks

Lady Rayne Drops Some Heat

Lady Rayne Performs in amazing and genius fashion. A new battle rap written expressly for those who asked for it! One for all the “hatters” that seem to come out of the blue and for no reason. Sometimes the people closest to are the ones you have to watch out for! Produced by ESKIMO JONES

Girl power!!! Yes we love it when the ladies represent in the hiphop game.  Now you already know that we are becoming a leading source when it comes to hiphop.  Also with the release of our magazine and energy drink our popularity is growing rather fast.  With that being said we need to make sure that we are bringing you the best when it comes to music.  This leads us to Lady Rayne. To us she has a Missy Elliot type of flow and she definitely has bars.  Todays females are doing a great job making great music.  Artist like REMY MA , NICKI MINAJ, CARDI B,  and YOUNG M.A are all artist Lady Rayne could keep up with.

Now lets get into rating a few of Lady Rayne tracks.  305 State Of Mind is a great track and the bars are serious!  This is what we love to hear.  In an era of mumble rap 305 State Of Mind is a great track that will have you thinking hiphop is back on top.  Below is the track and let us know what you think of it:

Next up is (I am what ever you say I am) Tribute to Muhammad Ali & Trainer Dundee.  Lady Rayne is paying some respect to Ali which is great and on an old Eminem beat.  We love the fact she is very talented and bar for bar can flow with the best of them out there.  With that being said we give this track a (B+)



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