Que – The Dye Money Bags

Que - The Dye Money Bags

Check out the HNHH premiere of Que’s new track “The Dye Money Bags.”


Que is back with a brand-new track as a follow-up to his previous release, “Cold Jumper.” This one’s called “The Dye Money Bags” and features the Atlanta rapper living that baller lifestyle, with money in hand and female attention coming at him from around every corner. The booming production is quickly becoming a hallmark of his too, supporting his vocal delivery nicely.

This track is also part of an upcoming project which is dropping very soon. You’ll be able to hear it first exclusively with HNHH. It’s just another sign that big things are about to start popping for Que and his music.

Quotable Lyrics

Money keep callin’
Baby I’ve been ballin’
So what, I’m exhausted
Can’t keep hoes off me

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