Faded/Clarity – Adonis Butler & MIIKØ Music Review

Faded/Clarity - Adonis Butler & MIIKØ

New music is here and you already know that we are the #1 source when it comes to the hiphop scene.  Now Adonis Butler & MIIKØ have recently dropped a nice video and decided to send it over to us. Now behind the scenes here it looks like the radio station Ny2LaRadio wants to get an interview with these two so if it happens we will bring it to you first.  Now back to the music!  Faded/Clarity is a feel good music video and I love it!  Its true hiphop and not the mumble rap we hear on the radio everyday.  This song has meaning and is very mellow.  Its the perfect chill music to play while relaxing.  What makes it even better is the hook …. perfect notes and ummmmm that lady in the video … looks like she belongs in The Vixen Magazine .. Just saying ..  With all this being said we give this song and video a solid B and hope Adonis Butler & MIIKØ  drops some more heat with us.  Below is the video so let us know what you think:



Faded/Clarity – Adonis Butler & MIIKØ

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