Yesterday, Louis Vuitton officially cancelled one of the most hyped drops in the history of Supreme. The extremely expensive, and heavily sought after, Supreme and Louis Vuitton collaboration was set for release in United States stores on July 14.

And although there was no official announcement of these pop-ups, many fans lined up at speculated locations throughout the country in cities like Houston and MASS APPEAL‘s hometown of New York.

Despite emails and tweets from LV confirming that no Supreme x Louis items will be sold in the United States, hopeful Preme heads and resellers were still waiting outside the New York store in SoHo on a humid summer afternoon. Some had been there for nearly three days, and despite being told that the drop had been cancelled, they still persevered. Even GQ reported that the drop might still happen after all. So who knows?

We went down to Louis Vuitton’s SoHo location to talk to some of the folks who came to New York to try and cop, no matter what, to see where their heads are at.

Cole Manz

Age: 16


So why are you still out here?

We came down here on a bus [from New Hampshire]. We don’t exactly have a ride back until Saturday afternoon so we don’t have anything better to do. We’re waiting here to see what happens. It may happen ,but probably won’t happen though, so we’re just feeling it out pretty much.

How long was that bus ride out here?

Four and a half, five hours-ish.

Did you just come here just to cop this? You’re not here to resell?

Yeah, just to cop this. I want to keep the sweatshirt and pay that off by selling a couple of shirts. Keep one, sell two. Make big money.

How do your parents feel about you coming out here?

They loved it, actually. I thought they were gonna hate it. I sat them down and told them the idea and I was like, “So I want to go to New York for Louis Vuitton and Supreme,” and I was just biting my tongue thinking they’re gonna hate this. But they were like, “This is a great idea, you should go do it.” We bought bus tickets that night and then headed out the next day.

After making the whole trip, how did you feel when you found out that the drop was canceled?

It’s horrible. It’s a waste of time, pretty much. It’s still fun being out here meeting people. I still had a good time so it’s not a total L. I would say it’s still fun. If I had to do this again, I probably would.

Have you guys camped at Supreme drops before?

First time.

Have you camped out for anything?

Nothing, first time.

Do you usually buy Supreme?

Yeah, I buy Supreme. I either keep it or sell it, depending on what I’m feeling.

Why’d you come out?

A. Because I want this hoodie bad, and B. It’s just gonna make me money, so it’s a win-win. I can get something and still make money.

How’d you get the money to pay for this hoodie?

Loan from the parents. I’ll pay them back. I showed them that it would sell for a lot, but now that the drop’s not happening, they’re just getting their money back.

Did you tell them that it’s canceled? What’d they say?

They were like, ‘OK, why’s it canceled?’ and I was like, “No one knows.”

How would you feel if it was a trick by LV?

That’s what everyone’s kinda thinking and what they have in the back of their mind. What if that’s happening? I fucking hope it happens. We think they have the stock inside so it should eventually drop.

They tweeted that it’s never going to get released again.

Where’s the stock gonna go though? They have to release it eventually somehow. I’ll come back down here and line up again once they announce it—do it all over.

Have you ever bought anything from Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton, no. Supreme, yeah.

So is it just Supreme that made you interested in coming here?

Yeah, I just thought the sweatshirt was cool with the iconic Louis Vuitton print, and then when you mix it with Supreme it’s even more iconic. So why not?

Richard Kennedy

Age: 69

So why are you still here?

My son Shaughn used to come to New York for Supreme things and now he goes to the University of Alabama. He called me up and said, “Dad, you got to do this for me on Thursday night.” He called me again and said I needed to be here Wednesday. He called me again and said I had to go there on Monday and get there as soon as I could.

Are you still going to stay?

Yeah, because I’m making money either way. My son’s paying me $500 to be here and I make $5000 if it actually drops. My son is very savvy with the clothing and sneakers. That’s how he makes his money and he’s taken care of all his expenses in college and everything.

How long has he been doing that?

He’s been doing it for the last four years. Within the last year he’s probably quadrupled what he’s made the year before. Every year it has doubled and this year it quadrupled.

And it pays off for school?

Well, I pay his tuition, but he’s paid for a private apartment and everything else he needed.

When your son first got into this, what did you think?

I didn’t understand it! It started with Supreme and then sneakers. I didn’t get why kids would pay $80 or $140 for a T-shirt. And then you can resell it for two to three times that amount. These T-shirts are going for $485 and are selling for $14–1500 dollars!

So what’s your job outside of this?

I’ve been retired. I was in two woodworking businesses and retired for 15 years and lived in Pennsylvania on an 1000-acre Christmas tree farm where I don’t see anybody for months.

You are not from the city?

I used to live in New Jersey and been here thousands of times. Five years ago I moved from New Jersey to a very secluded area of Pennsylvania. So I love coming over here, but this is pretty grueling, just doing nothing all day and sleeping through all the noise.  But I’m just glad to help him out. I’ll do anything for him.

How have you been surviving these past couple days? What have you been eating?

Not eating a lot, so I’ve minimized my bathroom breaks. I’ve brought water, raisins and chocolate. The only thing I didn’t bring  wasa chair, which this gentleman was kind enough to lend me when his friend left. Everybody’s been really nice and helping each other. It’s been a fun experience. Everyone’s been telling us it’s cancelled but I understand why they would do that. I see many reasons why they would deter the crowd and one reason why they would cancel it. My son said I should stay.

There is a rumor going around it’s cancelled publicly but VIP customers could buy it.

I don’t know about that and I don’t know why they would do that. It doesn’t make good business sense if they did that.

Are you into Supreme or sneakers?

I love the Boosts. I like the Yeezys, and some of the Supreme clothing I do wear. I’m 69, so people look at me wearing that stuff and they say, “Holy shit, look at that old guy wearing that crap.” My son gets it for me.

Jordan Michael

Age: 24

Where are you coming from?

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

So why are you here?

I wasn’t coming here to camp at first. I was going to just come here on Thursday and came to just look around and then I saw everyone lined up.

Were you mad when you found out it was cancelled?

Not really, because the bossman said it was going to be cancelled since the first day we came here. So it is kind of by choice.

How long have you been waiting?

Since Monday, 1 p.m.

Have you camped for Preme before this and is this the longest you’ve camped?

Hell yeah bro! I’ve never had to camp. This is the longest ever in my life.

Compared to most of the people on this line you seem to be the most Premed out.

There’s a lot of pretenders out here you can tell. They have no idea what’s going on or what to do.

What do you love about Preme?

Its uniqueness. They can do a bunch of different things and that aesthetic is what I can get into. That ’90s vibe, sweatpants and cargos, those graphic tees and that ’90s shit.

How much were you ready to drop on this?

Like 18K.

Did you take any proxies for people that paid in advance?

I took one from my boy for 2K and that was it.

What do you like about LV?

To be honest, I don’t like Louis Vuitton. To me, it’s like an old person brand. You know, none of your friends own a LV T-shirt, and I know people into fashion and that’s old people shit. Younger people like the belts and shit I guess, and the accessories. It looks alright I guess.

If you can’t cop, will you pay resale?

Nah, fuck that. I would never pay 4K for a hoodie.

What do you think about these rumors about LV VIPs getting the stuff?

I’m actually all for that. If you come here and spend money here all the time, you should have a little bit more leeway than myself.

Do you think the drop would have been better if Supreme took control of it?

I do, actually. I really do. I feel they were really lazy or something. Because it is really common logic what would happen if Supreme and Louis Vuitton would have collaborated, you know? All they had to do was set up barricades and give out tickets. It’s pretty common sense.

Eedison Yang, Jenna Yvng and Qin Zeng 

Ages: 14, 15 and 18

So how long have you been camping out here?

Yang: For about two and a half days.

What have you been eating?

Yang: We go to food stands and do rotations.

Where are you three coming coming from?

Yang: New Jersey

Zeng: Maryland

How do your parents feeling about all this?

Yang: Our parents are not excited or happy. I’ve never camped out for Preme drops before. The hoodie looked mad cool and everything and really hyped. And I like hyped stuff. It looks cool and I would rock it. I would get the box logo shirt and hoodie.

How long have you been collecting Supreme?

Zeng: I like to collect shoes more than anything. The only thing I have is two hoodies from Preme, but It’s LV and Supreme, it’s hype on hype—can’t really go wrong with that. If you seen the hoodie, it’s just dope. The main thing I’m going for is a box logo, wallet, belt and maybe a bag.

What music do you listen to pass the time?

Zeng: Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi.

Is rap part of the reason why you are waiting out here?

Zeng: I like hype things, I like Yeezys, hype shoes. This one of the most hyped and rarest collaborations that you will never see again.

You said you were out here to resell? Do you resell a lot of stuff?

Yang: Not really. I’m more into sneakers, not into clothing. I don’t feel a need to spend a lot of money on clothing, but if I could resell and make money off of that, I do that because I’m still young and can’t get a job yet.

It seems like reselling is the way for young people to make money.

Yvng: It’s easy, and with this drop you could have made a minimum of $3000 to $4000 maybe.

How much were you ready to drop?

Yang: $4000

Have you ever bought anything from LV before and if so, what do you like about it?

Yang: I brought a wallet and I like their designs and the belts are cool. The belts and the wallet are the only two major things about LV that I like personally.

What will it take for you guys to leave your spot at the front of the line?

Yang: A social media post saying it’s cancelled. Right now they didn’t post it.

Yeah they did on their customer service account.

Yvng: They releasing it on customer service but not on their official page.

Qin: At 2 p.m., I literally just checked this morning it wasn’t there.

After showing them the tweet…

Yang: I’m still having hope!

Zeng: We’ve been out here for so long so you don’t want to give up.

Yang: Before they said it was cancelled we’ve had employees telling us it was launching on the 14th.

When was this line the craziest?

Zeng: We started on Monday around 11:30 [a.m.] and two hours after that it wasn’t too bad. At night it was wrapped around the block. They tried to call the cops, but we didn’t do anything wrong. They just told us that there is no drop, that’s all they can do.

You put in so much you don’t want to go home empty handed. You probably are, but it’s that little thing that is going to keep you going. That first day Monday, they told us it was cancelled. And no one really believes it. You just don’t want to be the one to leave the line. No one wants to leave the line.

Additional reporting by Nissim Hershkovits

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