Hooly Talks to Ny2LaRadio About NY HipHop + More


Yes!! We are back yet again with more interviews.  This interview is very special because we may be doing more work with the New York artist Hooly.  Im telling you right now that his music is fire and can’t wait to see what he has next.  Now Hooly had some good points about hiphop during his interview. You know we spoke about if NYC artist fell of plus more.  Below is the interview so let us know what you think!!


Harlem, NY. has produced quite a few hip hop greats in the past 20 years. Big L in the early 90’s and Mason Betha in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. Now It’s Hooly”s turn. Born Levon Robbins, Novel “Hooly” The GOAT , is the first from the Hooligan crew to make the jump into mainstream hip hop. The Hooligans have been grinding over the past 5 years on the NYC hip hop music underground.

Soon the world will know what the streets of “uptown” have known for years. Hooly has the potential to be Harlem’s

“Floyd Mayweather of hip hop”. The heavily animated, high pitch voice latches to the ear like a pit bull . Armed with an assortment of catchy melodies; all of his tracks are an entertaining ride from start to finish. Hip Hop better be prepared, because this talented hip hop group from Harlem  is prepared to take the music industry by storm. The debut single, “Litboi” will drop on itunes less than 2 weeks.

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