Deeci – My City Music Review

Another banger is here and we love it!  Now Deeci has been around for some time and making lots of noise with his music.  Not to mention the video quality of his past vids are 100%  Shout out to your camera guy ..lol .. Now lets get back into the music.  Deeci just released a single My City .  Now there is no officially video for this but still has an video/audio version of his track.  The beat is fire and the flow is perfect.   It is even said that the radio station Ny2lradio may give him some spins and even try to get an interview.  If that happens we will be sure to let you know.  My City is a perfect song for anyones music playlist and is worth a listen.  DJ Altra says

“..Deeci seems to be doing his thang!”@DJ ALTRA

Now lets get into what we think of the song as a rating.. this song earns a solid (B+) and we will stay on top of Deeci to make sure he keeps bringing us the heat!  Below is the song so let us know what you think!

More info//

LOS ANGELES, CA – From the gorgeous land of southern France, Deeci has been heavily involved in music since his early childhood years. In fact, at the age of four, he began singing at various events at his school. After frequently hanging around his uncle who was also a singer, he immediately knew he wanted to make a career out of his innate passion for music itself. One major aspect of Deeci’s affinity for music that has remained consistent since the beginning is how the U.S. culture and music scene has always influenced him.

By the age of 19, the artist grew more serious about his musical career. After he turned 20, Deeci performed at his first concert, which was a very nerve-racking yet surreal experience for him. The artist remained committed to putting out the very best music he could, and began producing more music through his own label after 2008. Soon enough, his music caught the attention of many, in which his fanbase began to increase in numbers.

Deeci’s fusion of EDM and hip-hop music grew in popularity that it reached the United States. Shortly after, the artist signed with Ultra Records, which was a pivotal moment in his career. The award nominations started rolling in, as did the demand for his performances. The newly, international award-nominated

French Producer and Artist to Release Hip-Hop Infused Music for the U.S. Market

producer and artist began traveling all over Europe, as he performed for hundreds of thousands in major festivals in Poland, Spain, Russia, France and Canada. His performance in Poland alone drew in a crowd of over 120,000 attendees, as they enjoyed dancing and singing along to his music.

In 2011, Deeci released his major hit single “Losing Control”, which had the charts going wild. The artist channeled his favorite West Coast hip-hop influences, like Dr. Dre and Pharrell, and utilized his European electro background to continue putting out songs he knew his fans would love.

Currently, the artist is focusing on more hip-hop, trap and R&B centric music in order to bridge the gap between Europe and the U.S. music industries. His latest hip-hop infused track, “My City”, will soon reach the U.S., and will be available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes. Aside from his busy travel schedule with all the upcoming performances in Poland and France, he continues developing other artists under his label as well as continuing growing and making the most out of his own career.

“My City” is available on Vevo, so make sure to check it out and also follow Deeci on social media.

“My City” on Vevo: http://vevo.ly/PLg5q9
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deeci.music/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRealDeeci https://twitter.com/deeciprod_inc
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealdeeci/ Website: http://deeciprodinc.com

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