It’s Kevin Durant’s world folks. That much has been evident ever since the lanky Warriors star claimed his first NBA title last week, which means whatever random urges ring-less Kevin Durant might’ve had in the past, ringed Kevin Durant executes with fucking enthusiasm. Allen Iverson, NBA Hall of Famer? He’s no Kyrie Irving. In the mood to uncover a freaky fart scandal about him? At least be specific. An ESPN reporter uncovered a secret rap song between him and LeBron, then KD proceeded to demolish him in the Finals. Since he probably won’t be getting any features from Bron any time soon, Mr. I’m Me, I Do Me and I Chill returned to the studio this week with another familiar collaborator: Dave East.

Durant and East can be seen kicking it in the studio on Dave’s Instagram, which has steadily been stocked with images of the Harlem rapper previewing his upcoming project, Paranoia, for celebrity fans—Chris Brown among them. Durant was the latest of them, and Dave made that known with a well-timed caption, and a hilarious image of an apparently buzzed KD. Farts may not be the only gas he enjoys.

The last time we saw Dave and Durant in the studio, they were recording a remix to Jay Z and Kanye West’s “Gotta Have It” off Watch the Throne, and Durant was laying an interesting verse, to say the least. Who knows, maybe he’s been recording a duets album since the LeBron session and his next stop is Draymond Green’s house. Wale? It wouldn’t be the first time KD and Folarin hooked up on wax.

Let’s be honest though, expectations are low on a KD music project of any kind. Have you seen the guy’s Black Planet page? The one that sounds like it belongs to an undercover cop. It’s going to take a lot more charisma and gravitas than that to hack it as an artist. He should just hope he doesn’t beat LeBron to the hairpiece finish line.

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