“Lets Eat” Music Review

New music alert!! Now you know that we are becoming a household name when it comes to the the hiphop scene. So lets get straight into it.  Now the album that we are going to review is called “Lets Eat” and it is a compilation album of various artist from  www.onelifemuzik.com .  Now with 14 tracks it is a packed album with tons of hits!  It is said that radio station Ny2laRadio will have a few songs in rotation and hopefully we can get a few interviews from some of the artist on this album.  This album features artist by the name of: Uncle E., Cage , Money Boy, Mac, Byrdgang Karter and Pitcher the Realest.  “Lets Eat” is a great album for a long road trip.  Fresh Ass Spokes, 4tm, Fold Under Pressure and No Hands Out are our favorite songs.  However this album has something for everyone.  Jammed packed with lyrics, bars and of course great beats we give this album an (A) and recommend all fans of hiphop to listen to it!


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