Are Things Going South For T.I and His New Girl Friend?

TI New Girl Friend

TI New Girl Friend

Bernice Burgos & T.I.: Their Blowout FightThat Has Her Feeling Like A ‘Sidechick. (TI Girlfriend)

Uh oh! Things are going sideways for T.I. and his lady love, Bernice Burgos, as she has been sending Chris Brown some racy videos. An inside source gave HollywoodLife.com the EXCLUSIVE scoop on just how deep the pettiness has gotten! //(TI Girlfriend)

T.I., 36, isn’t too happy about the way his lady-friend and model, Bernice Burgos, 37, has been acting as of late. The bombshell has been secretly sending Chris Brown, 28, some pretty sexy videos on the low, HollywoodLife.com has learned EXCLUSIVELY from a source close to the model. “Bernice has been secretly flirting with Chris for a while,” said the source.  “At first it was just cute messages here and there, but now that she’s mad at T.I., she’s taken it up a notch.” Bernice’s spite stems from her feeling like she was lied to and played by the Family Hustle rapper.

Furthermore, the source claims Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 41, (T.I.’s estranged wife) is to blame for Bernice being upset with T.I. despite the fact she filed for divorce back in April. “Bernice started hearing rumors that T.I. was still sleeping with Tiny some nights, sharing a bed,” the source said. “She blew them off at first because he swore that was over but then when she pressed him on it he didn’t deny it. Instead he got mad at her for trying to control him. She’s pissed because he said that wasn’t going on, that she was more than a sidechick and now it’s looking more and more like he just told her what she wanted to hear.”

As for the super sexy videos that Bernice has been sending to Chris, our source tells us they’re pretty spicy. “She’s started sending him really sexy videos. Nothing X-rated because she knows better than that but definitely more extreme than she’d ever post online. Chris loves that she’s got all these sexy females around her so she plays that up for him too and sends him pics of them getting touchy-feely. She makes it seem like she’s down to share.” This is definitely next-level petty for sure, and we’ll keep you guys posted on how this all plays out!

(TI Girlfriend)

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