Sasha Obama looks great!

People Stunned to Find Out That Sasha Obama’s First Name Is Actually Natasha

Sasha Obama celebrated her 16th birthday with family and friends at a Sweet Sixteen party on Sunday. While most people were amazed to realize how much the youngest Obama daughter has grown up before our eyes, Ashley C. Ford, senior features writer for Refinery 29, had the best reaction of them all.

Wait, so we saw Sasha all these years unaware of the fact that she was actually Natasha all along?! Hold on, hold on, we need a minute! Ashley’s casual admission caused quite the ripple effect, leaving her mentions in shambles.

There were people still in denial.

There were others who were now joining the club, and will mark their one-year anniversary this time next year.

While we’re still trying to recover from this earth-shattering news, we shouldn’t expect any surprises down the road when it comes to Malia’s name. Or should we?


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