Cracka Lack Interview w/ DJ Altra + Beat Making

OK now if you want to hear some hot beats you know that you can see Cracka Lack.  Now he has been in the game for some time and glad he decided to give us an exclusive interview with DJ Altra from the upcoming radio station Ny2LaRadio.  When it coms to beat production Cracka Lack should be on the radar of many artist.  Not to mention that he is the one stop shop for it all.  With the skills to produce music videos Cracka Lack is making a big name form himself.  Below is the video of him redoing a very popular tune that you might know … yup from the Power Rangers.  Power Rangers It’s Morphin Time! 2017 new movie theme song end titles “Go Go Power Rangers” rap beat remix done by Beat Maker/Music Producer Cracka Lack. At the Crack House Recording Studio on FL Studio 11.


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