Hefe Heetroc Music Review

New music is here and it looks as if we will have an interview with Hefe Heetroc coming soon by the way of NY2LARadio.  Now if you don’t know Hefe Heetroc he is a buzzing artist and his Soundcloud catalog is large.  Now the song that we are going to review is I Already Got That. Now this song we had the opportunity to play it all day on a road trip.  I have to say that the staff loved the song.  It opens up very well and the beat is sick.  You already know that Hefe Heetroc has a good flow on this track.  Now as we look deeper Hefe Heetroc just dropped ::The Shadow Cabal of the 8 Oligarchs:: .  Now it is still early to give it a full review but from what we heard so far “THIS IS HISTORY” might be our favorite track.  It is packed with 12 songs making it pretty lengthy and worth a listen.  We wish the best for Hefe Heetroc and hope that he gets on the radio station Ny2LaRadio sometime soon but time will tell.  





Hefe Heetroc’s album ” The Shadow Cabal of the 8 Oligarchs” can also be found on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Microsoft Groove (formally Xbox Music), Deezer, Rhapsody, Shazaam


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