JV & TEEJ Turn It Up Single Review


Turn It Up is the latest single from JV & TEEJ and it is a really good track.  This single is a very catchy song that could be played on long rides also I recommend this song if you are feeling down. JV & TEEJ seems to have this song in the bag with becoming a hit.  It is said that the DJ over at Ny2LaRadio wants to put this song in rotation. Now Ny2LaRadio is looking to relaunch sometime in the next two weeks and how awesome would it be if we can get an interview with JV & TEEJ. Overall I love like this song and them members in the office thought the same.  A great part of the song is the beat that adds a 90s feel.  The chours goes perfect with the lyrics and the vocals (singing) on the hook is PERFECT!


JV & TEEJ evolved during the golden era of Hip Hop. As friends from an early age, they wrote rhymes together that would eventually become their signature brand of music.

Both believe what they’re doing is “more than rap, it’s music on a mission,” and with that, they donate a portion of the proceeds from album and clothing sales to the City Mission Back Pack Program.

Their role in the community on top of their rhymes has led them to appear on Albany Broadcasting, Fuse TV and landed them guest spots guest hosting a local music video show, CR6; a throwback to MTV’s TRL. On top of all their appearances, JV & TEEJ have also played with pop acts like Natasha Bedingfield and Sugar Ray to hip hop and R&B favorites Coolio and City High.

With a couple of releases under their belts, including their well-received project,”Stay Fresh”, JV & TEEJ are back with their new release “Turn It Up!” jammin’ on FM Radio and on streaming platforms worldwide. The official music video is currently in production and planned for commercial release this summer.

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