JRS3 Drops 2 Tracks.

Lets gooooo! New music has come in and we have to say that we like it.  Now you already now that we are putting together a FRESHMANCLASS17 together so we have to be all over the hiphop scene.  Next up is new music from JRS3.  This time around we decided to review two of his tracks and the first one is called 3 Cars 3 Bitches.  It is  a catchy song and has been on Soundcloud for some time and the feedback is good.  It opens up very well and the beat is fire.  JRS3 has a good flow and does his thing over the beat.  Below is the track and we give it a 4 star rating:

Next on the list is Thank You.  This is definitely our type of song.  In an era of the mumble rap JRS3 drops lyrics that mean something and a meaningful song is what we like.  The beat is very mellow and once again the flow is perfectly matched.  With that being said once again JRS3 deserves 4 stars.  Below is the song:

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