Kelz TBK Drops a Single/Short Story

Lets gooooo! We are back at it and have that heat from the UK.  Now Kelz TBK is a talented artist and looks like he is creating a name for himself.  His song titled You Dey Craz already had the members in our office playing it on repeat.  In an era of the “mumble” rap America has been #1 in WACK RAPPERS .. while the UK is dropping true artist one after the other such as Stormzy.  Now Kelz TBK is next. He just released a short film along with a song.  The beat is 100 and his lyrics are nothing less than top notch.   It is said that the DJ over at Ny2LaRadio wants to get an interview and if that happens we will make sure to bring it to you.   We give the song/short story an 5.0 rating and hope that Kelz TBK will be back.

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Kelz TBK – also known as “The Black Kupid”, is definitely not your average entertainer. A self-styled professional heartbreaker, Kelz set out to charm audiences with his star-like charisma, singing talent and rap chops.

Kelz used to be quite shy and nerdy in his younger days, but he eventually set out to become quite a sucker for the spotlights, getting out of his shell, ditching that plain school uniform and enrolling in the world-famous Royal Academy of London to study performing arts. It didn’t take long before Dymon Red, owner and producer at M2Music noticed his talent and hard work and eventually took him under his wing alongside many other quality artists.

Things seriously started to take off from there on and well, as they say… the rest is history!

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