Legacy Keys Drops a Great Single /// Cursive

Yes we are back with more music and this one does not disappoint.  Now Cursive is a great song.  Its the type of song that belongs in a commercial.  Rumor has it that the DJ over at Ny2LaRadio wants to get an interview with Legacy Keys.  Not to mention the models over at @thevixenmagazine will use his music.  Now lets get into the song.  It opens up well and the beat is very catchy. Most importantly the lyrics that Legacy Keys uses is perfect for the song.  We would not be surprised if this song climbs the charts at any music station.  The song also features vocals from Michael Shyness which adds that grammy touch.  Minneapolis should be very proud of the music coming out of that state this year.  We heard a lot of great music..  Overall we give the song Cursive an (A).  We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.  Below is the track so let us know what you think of it:









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